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We’re pretty ardent cat lovers here at Coolector HQ and have two reprobates of our own serving as a constant distraction to our workload so we’re always on the hunt for things that will keep them happy and that led us straight to the door of Hepper and their awesome line up of cat furniture. Hepper designs unique products that will make your pet purr and will enhance your interior design aesthetic in the process. Their quality wares are well made and attractively designed so as to give your cats a better looking product that serves its purpose perfectly.

Check out our pick of Hepper’s stand out cat furniture products below:

Hepper Nest Bed ($49.50)

Are your sofas, chairs and beds covered in cat fur? The Hepper Nest Cat Bed ($49.50) will help keep your human furniture clean, and is perfect for curling up for a snooze for your feline friend. You’ll be happy that your cat is curled up close to you, with all her fur contained in the Nest bed, and she will be happy that you are not pushing her out of your spot while she is trying to sleep – win, win for all concerned. ($49.50)

Hepper NomNom Bowl ($39.50)

If your feline associates are anything like ours here at Coolector HQ, you’ll be only too aware of the amount of food that somehow doesn’t make the journey from the bowl to their mouths and ends up on your kitchen floor. Well, with this Hepper NomNom Bowl ($39.50) that problem will become a thing of the past. It is designed to help your cat to enjoy stress-free meals with a clever, whisker-friendly design. The wide tray keeps your floor clean by catching drips and crumbs and as whisker fatigue is one of the leading causes of eating distress for cats it has been designed with wide metal dishes so they can eat in perfect peace and serenity. ($39.50)

Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher ($59)

Cats need to release stress and anxiety from time to time and a scratching post is the perfect means for them to do this. The Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher ($59) is the ideal means for them to do this and it is made from extra thick cardboard with durable scratch zones meaning this scratcher will save your furniture and keep your cats happy. Adjust the Hi-Lo in five different positions to maximise your cats fun and the lifespan of the scratcher. There are few things more rewarding than shredding paper – if you’re a cat. Your feline friend will be content digging her claws into the thick layers of cardboard of the Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher and the arc shape is ideally suited for stretching out for a long scratch. ($59)

Hepper Pod Bed ($95.50)

Does your cat feel safe and secure when they’re taking a nap? The Hepper Pod pet bed is purpose-built to protect your cats from kids and other furry friends and keeps them warm and comfortable for the best nap ever. The Hepper Pod Bed is designed for perfect cat naps while still being aesthetically pleasing in your home and it offers an incredibly relaxing space that confines your cat and allows them to feel safe and secure whilst taking one of their many daily naps. ($99.50)

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