Vadolibero Origo Tech Bike Storage

Keeping your bike in your house or flat can be a messy affair if not done smartly but there are solutions out there that will offer both style and substance so far as bike storage is concerned. If you’re also a tech inclined individual, look no further than the Vadolibero Origo Tech Bike Storage solution which is a smart design that takes your home bike storage to whole new levels of aesthetic and tech awesomeness.

The Vadolibero Origo Tech Bike Storage comes in oak, ash and walnut finishes that gives a solution for any interior design aesthetic and bike colourway so you’re sure to find the one that is right for you. The Origo was the first creation from the Vadolibero collection and, after four years, they are now celebrating it with a fantastic upgraded model: the Orgio Tech which boasts the same iconic design with a whole host of new smart features that make it even more functional on the tech side and turns it into an awesome bike charging station.

Tech Inspired Design

The stand out change with the Vadolibero Origo Tech Bike Storage is the fact it has been equipped with wireless charging technology. What this means is that you can prop your mobile phone on the top shelf and the battery will be recharged wirelessly. The striking leather tray, provided with R3 TECH model, contours the charging area and adds a tactile touch of class to proceedings.

Priced at €2500, the Vadolibero Origo Tech Bike definitely doesn’t come cheap but in terms of functionality and visual appeal it’s beyond compare. It offers a four USB ports fast charge hub which mounted behind the drawer, you can now easily charge all the other devices (such as your bike computer, camera, earbuds, lights, extra battery, etc.): you store them on the top shelf and connect them to the wires which are neatly organised in the cable hole.

The Origo Tech Bike Storage from Vadolibero has the same surprisingly spacious storage space for all you bike gear. The vertical compartment, which is hidden by the magnetic folding door and equipped with four stainless steel hooks, is designed to let you hang keys, sunglasses, and other small EDC essentials. It helps you organise your gear and be sure to find everything you need when you go out riding.

Top Class Aesthetic

Such is the quality design and finish to the Origo Tech Bike Storage from Vadolibero (€2500) it will actually enhance the interior design aesthetic of your home rather than detract from it – an issue with many of the bike storage solutions on the market. It comes with four solid wood poles, to be screwed in the threaded holes on the cabinet sides: which you can use to hang your helmet and other accessories, like jackets, hats and bags.

The Origo Tech Bike Storage from Vadolibero has an innovative design which is aimed to optimise the storage space in spite of its small size: the wood cabinet is only 30 cm wide and 55 cm deep. It’s the ideal indoor space-saving solution to keep your machine and your gear neat and safe day in, day out.

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