Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand

For anyone who is serious about their cycling and has a bike is more or less a work of art as well as a mode of transportation and want something that helps you showcase it in your home, look no further than this Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand. It is one impressive piece of designer furniture which will add a touch of class to your living space as well as offering a functional solution to storing your bike at home.

The Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand is a collaboration with Ludovica Mascheroni, the prestigious signature of luxury interior design, and they are rightly proud to present this breathtaking Special Edition release. This wonderfully well made bike rack actually doubles as a floor lamp and is covered with precious leather and gold finishings that deliver a real visual punch in a contemporary aesthetic that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

Masterful Design

Masterpieces of mechanical engineering, enviable objects of desire: the two-wheelers today are actually real super bikes, skilled fusions of aesthetics and performance and you can display yours in some considerable style with Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand. And when you have the privilege to own one of these spectacular stands, you will want to celebrate it as a work of art.

The Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand is a sleek floor lamp that doubles up as a universal space-saving bike rack and it becomes the ultimate interior design accessory that integrates your bike into the most sophisticated and luxurious home decors. It has been created alongside Ludovica Mascheroni and uses wood, metal and leather in its design and has been put together by master craftsman to ensure the quality of the finished product.

With the base of VERTIK LM is completely covered with aniline full-grain leather, soft and smooth: which is of the highest quality. As it’s tanned with transparent dyes, the natural texture of the skin is perfectly visible, that’s why only the best leathers are used in the crafting of this sumptuous piece of designer furniture which people who love cycling will appreciate – particularly if they’ve got an attractive interior design aesthetic they’re looking to maintain.

Simple to Set Up

Incredibly easy to set up, the Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand comes fully assembled, ready to store your bike and illuminate your room. The first time you use the VERTIK LM, you simply need to adjust the height of the provided supporting pin. Once the back wheel is placed in the groove, you lift your bike upright and figure out the pin’s correct position to support the fork or block it from above, you decide which is easier for you.

Looking to store your bike at home, provide wonderful mood lighting for your room and enhance the design aesthetic of storing your two-wheeled steed, you’ll not find a better candidate for the job than this Vadolibero Vertik LM Bike Stand. Wonderfully well made from the finest materials, the quality on offer here really is second to none.

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