Vadu Amka Red Ring of Death Walking Dead Console

As we’re currently in the midst of another The Walking Dead marathon here at Coolector HQ, we came across this awesome looking piece of, well art we suppose, from Vadu Amka called the Red Ring of Death Walking Dead Console which has been brilliantly customised on an XBOX 360 to incorporate both Walking Dead elements and an infamous problem (one that we in fact succumbed to at The Coolector), the red ring of death.

We love unusual bits of art and design and this stunning and visually arresting piece of work unquestionably falls into that category. Showcased earlier this month in Brussels at a Made in Asia art event, this top notch piece of design will definitely appeal to those who got a lot of time for Rick, Daryl et al and though it’s perhaps surprising that the XBOX 360 is the canvas (maybe no one was willing to part with the XBOX One) the end result is magnificent to say the least. Check out a few more shots of Amka’s cracking Walking Dead inspired work below:






Taking a month and a half to complete, it is clear that a lot of painstaking detail has gone into Amka’s stunning piece of artwork and if you’re a fan of the series and want a focal point from your gaming console then this is surely right up your street. Made from latex, acrylic, modding paste and resin, the lifelike nature of the finished product is most impressive indeed and we’re weighing up commissioning the talented fellow to go to work on our PS4 here at Coolector HQ – perhaps with a Parks & Recreation theme.

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