Valbray EL1 “100 Years of Leica Photography” Watch

As you’re most likely well aware, Leica are best known for their cameras and Valbray for their timepieces but these two luxurious brands make excellent bedfellows as it turns out because they’ve just launched a limited edition watch to celebrate Leica 100 year anniversary and, as you might expect, the end result is a mightily impressive looking timepiece that will suit fans of both brands.

The Valbray EL1 “100 Years of Leica Photography” Watch has been unleashed upon us to commemorate the photography colossus’ 100 year anniversary and they are just 100 of these spectacular watches available to purchase so, if you’ve become smitten, you’ll need to act quickly to get your hands on one. This incredible looking timepiece boasts Valbray’s innovative Occulus system to create a visually stunning watch face that consists of 16 extra thin blades that are entirely integrated into a rotating bezel.

This phenomenally crafted timepiece actually consists of a not insubstantial 80 moving parts which, as any horology aficionado will testify, is a mightily impressive undertaking and it is certainly a fitting acknowledgement of the impact Leica have had on the world of photography with their own, equally impressive, devices. The ring on the watch face of this stunning timepiece is a nod to the lens of a Leica camera and, in another nod to the iconic camera maker, there is an hour marker at 4.5 which is the lens aperture of the first Leica camera. Check out a few more shots below:




We’re firm fans of luxury watches here at Coolector HQ, even though our budget doesn’t stretch to actually getting one on our wrist, and they don’t come much more luxurious than this offering from fine Swiss watchmakers, Valbray, and the legendary photography brand, Leica.

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