Mixology Dice

We seldom stray from our craft ales here at Coolector HQ but we are known to dabble in a cocktail or two when we’ve been watching Mad Men and have become unduly influenced by Don Draper et al. Lamentably, however, we don’t know even the most rudimentary of cocktails and definitely need guidance in this area. Well, as luck would have it, we’ve just across these awesome looking Mixology Dice that helps the cocktail uninitiated to get to grips with some delicious concoctions.

These Mixology Dice are the work of Foodie Dice who have a number of other incarnations under their belt such as Beer Dice and this cocktail collection is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Each set entails 8 laser engraved dice that have the intention of making it easy for anyone to create a well-balanced cocktail. If you’re equally as clueless as us here at The Coolector when it comes to cocktails then these Mixology Dice will be a godsend. Check out a few more images of these cracking cocktail Sherpas below:





Summer is a prime time for quaffing cocktails but if you’re a novice in this arena and want a little steer in the right direction then these Mixology Dice will be right up your street.

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