K Valley House by Herbst Architects

We’ve featured a fair few architectural projects on the pages of The Coolector over the last month or two because we were mesmerised by the awesomeness of the designs but we might just have come across the best of the bunch in the form of this cracking piece of engineering and design called the K Valley House by New Zealand based architectural firm, Herbst.

Tasked with creating the ultimate retreat for a film-making husband and wife, Herbst Architects came up with the K Valley House which, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is one mighty striking piece of industrial design that doesn’t detract from its countryside locale and adds immeasurably to it instead. This first rate piece of architecture is situated on 20 hectares of farmland on the Kauaeranga river and is both grandiose in nature yet strangely understated and relaxing at the same time.

Taking its design inspiration from the vernacular of rusty corrugated iron sheds prevalent in the district, the K Valley House has left us thoroughly impressed with the innovative design features that it boasts and the extraordinary visual impact that it offers. Take a look through a few more shots below:














We can think of few better views than those afforded by the K Valley House created by Herbst Architects and if you’re a fellow lover of design and interiors, you’re likely be just as enamoured as us. Spectacular, functional design that really does do justice to the glorious setting in which it is situated.

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