Vanacci Travel Wallets

When travelling, you’ll often need a wallet that is a good deal more versatile and functional than your normal one and something that has specifically been designed for use when heading off overseas. Well, we’ve not come across many better looking or more functional than these superb looking Vanacci Travel Wallets which are funding over on Kickstarter now and are tailor made for those with a jet setting mindset.

The Vanacci Travel Wallets on Kickstarter give you complete control of the look and feel of your wallet and lets you choose from 100’s of different material combinations and extra features during their Kickstarter campaign with the intention of making your new wallet completely unique to you and your travels. These supremely dapper accessories are carefully designed to offer the ultimate in travel functionality and you’ll wonder how you got through the airport without one before.

Travelling in Style

These hand made, adventure ready travel wallets from Vanacci will immediately catch the eye with their stylish disposition and when you factor in just how many customisation offerings there are to choose from, it’s easy to see why they’re proving so popular on Kickstarter. These seriously safe wallets are crafted and designed for travelling the world with their contemporary, timeless aesthetics – they are exactly the sort of accessory you need if you are all about the first impression.

Giving you the opportunity to pick your shape, your size, (to match the sort of documents you typically carry when travelling), you can choose your materials, colours, leather, linings with the Vanacci Travel Wallets and this opens up endless possibilities. Additionally, you can even get your name engraved on it if you would like. And when they say it’s a secure accessory, they really mean it as it has RFID protection for keeping you safe from even the most determined electronic pickpocket.

Minimalistic in design, these Vanacci Travel Wallets ensure that you carry only what you need and do away with any unnecessary clutter. It is more than a passport holder, the Vanacci Traveller wallet is notebook-ready – which makes for the ideal travel companion whether you’re stopping for coffee in New York, seeing the sights in Barcelona or backpacking through Thailand. This is one versatile and stylish accessory and should make the lives of regular travellers that bit easier.

Devil in the Detail 

It is clear to see that Vanacci thought long and hard about each and every detail of their Traveller Wallet – from the endless customisation options, to the threads that hold the minimalistic design together. They boast high-tensile, superior-strength, in an approach which makes these excellent accessories as ready for skydiving and rock climbing as they are for lazing by the beach or swimming pool.

If you’ve been seeking the perfect travel companion for your overseas adventures this summer, you might just have found it in the shape of these super cool, functional and impeccably crafted Vanacci Travel Wallets over on Kickstarter. With an eye-catching attention to detail coupled with such a diverse range of design and style options, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better travelling accessory than this.

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