Vessi Waterproof Footwear

We featured the original release from Vessi around a year or so ago when their waterproof footwear really turned heads and they’re back again and positively taking Kickstarter by storm once again. Vessi Waterproof Footwear have already raised about a quarter of a million pounds on the Kickstarter this time around and this is testament to just how popular their original release was and they’re back again, better than ever.

The Vessi Waterproof Footwear on Kickstarter is more of the excellent same but makes key improvements over the original in a number of areas to make these a must have for any adventurous spirit out there looking for the perfect footwear for all their outdoor excursions. Billed as one shoe for four seasons, Vessi Waterproof Footwear is the shoe reimagined and have been carefully designed for use in any weather conditions.

Adventure Ready

Available for as little as $99 during the Kickstarter campaign, the Vessi Waterproof Footwear represents somewhat of a bargain when you consider just how versatile and functional these shoes are. They are totally waterproof yet extremely breathable and they will make wet socks on rainy days a thing of the past. Offering considerable comfort without compromise, this awesome series of footwear from Vessi are best described as functioning like a boot, fitting like a sock, but looking like a sneaker.

Vessi Waterproof Footwear has taken Kickstarter by storm once again and they are the most comfortable shoes you can wear all year round. They’re so lightweight that when you slip them on, chances are you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. That is, until you start looking for Rain, Snow, Mud, and Sand to stomp through – to showcase to your friends how much better your Vessi’s are than their pre-evolved shoe. Truly built for every season, this is how footwear was supposed to be.

This new release from Vessi is available in a number of different styles to suit differing aesthetic tastes but there are plenty to choose from so you’re sure to find the perfect version for you. Needless to say, it is the waterproof performance of this footwear that really sets it apart. Vessi shoes are 100% waterproof, extremely breathable and really patented – which means you won’t find another shoe like this out there. Vessi’s technology is a permanent integrated within the knit of your shoe – which will keep the water out but let your feet breathe. On top of that, they added a water repellent layer to allow dirt, sand or water to bead right off.

Extremely Lightweight 

Perfect for travelling anywhere in the world, Vessi Waterproof Footwear is incredibly lightweight at just 6.7 oz. which means Vessi’s are the lightest 100% waterproof shoes in the world. The ideal pair of shoes to wear just about anywhere, Vessi are very breathable by design to ensure no more sweaty feet and their waterproofing membrane is made up of nano sized pores that are too small for water drops but large enough for sweat and heat to pass through.

If you’re after the ultimate in adventure footwear for 2019, this latest release from Vessi is sure to tick all the right boxes. There is still plenty of time to pick up a pair for the bargain price of just $99 on their Kickstarter campaign and for those who want a pair of shoes suitable for wearing all year round, you’ve just found it with Vessi.

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