Vessi Waterproof Knit Shoes

When it comes to comfort, knit style shoes are right up there with the best of them but, typically speaking, they’re not the best at keeping the elements at bay. Well, all that is about to change courtesy of an awesome looking Kickstarter project that will alter the way you think about knit footwear – say hello to Vessi, 100% waterproof knit shoes.

The Vessi Waterproof Knit Shoes are billed as a world first in offering a 100% waterproof exterior and this stylish, breathable and lightweight footwear is perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry no matter the weather conditions. This footwear isn’t just a gimmick, with a fancy coating, they are genuinely 100% waterproof and will amaze you with just how capable they can be at keeping your feet dry, even when fully submerged.

Best Foot Forward

Amazingly designed, these Vessi Waterproof Knit Shoes look, fit, feel and act like a regular shoe but, more importantly, deliver the performance of a waterproof boot. Vessi’s patented waterproof Flash Knit technology has the capacity to keep your feet dry, even in the most inclement of weather conditions. This means that you don’t need to compromise style for functionality and really can enjoy the best of both worlds with a cool looking, robust piece of footwear.

Vessi Waterproof Knit Shoes is the ideal ally for all your outdoors adventures regardless of where you’re heading. The innovative, patented Flash Knit upper will keep 100% of the water out for the whole lifespan of the footwear. Which means you’ll no longer have to worry about getting cold wet toes and wet socks when heading out into the wild. Extremely easy to clean as well, this footwear is just about as versatile as it gets and for those looking for the ultimate in adventure shoes, this will be right up there with the best of them.

They don’t rest on their laurels with the amazing functionality of this footwear as Vessi have also delivered a mighty stylish looking pair of shoes as well. In contrast to most waterproof shoes, Vessi allows your feet to breathe, eliminates sweat and odour build up and the fact that you can walk through puddles and shallow water without fear of getting wet feet is the real icing on the cake.

Innovative Tech

The fact that Vessi have managed to create this style of footwear that is also completely waterproof is impressive in its own right but with such a cool aesthetic to boot, it’s hard not to applaud what this Kickstarter campaign has achieved and it’s not difficult to see why it’s proving so popular over on the crowdfunding platform.

If you regular find yourself out in the wild and have been on the hunt for some great looking footwear that isn’t afraid to get wet, these Vessi Waterproof Knit Shoes are going to be right up your street. Stylish, robust and effortlessly cool, you’ve still got time to head to Kickstarter and pick some up for a bargain price if you’ve liked what you’ve seen.

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