When it comes to finding bits and pieces to enhance the interior aesthetic of Coolector HQ, we always tend to gravitate towards the unusual and unique designs and that’s why we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by Vestaboard, a re-imagined design of a split-flap display board which you might see at train stations all over Europe, which is making quite an impression at CES 2018 as we speak.

The Vestaboard design is a stunning mechanical display which you can hang around your home or office and with your mobile device you can send it messages to display in all its mechanical glory, get updates, or display aesthetically pleasing patterns and colours – so, basically, no two days will your Vestaboard need be the same and you can chop and change the message or visuals as often as you want.

Sign of the Times

Finding eye-catching, unusual pieces of artwork or design for the home is often easier said than done but with the fantastically conceived Vestaboard you’re getting something that you can change every day and will bring the walls of your home or office to life. This clever construct delivers art, inspiration and organisation within a single frame and for any homeowner looking for a focal point for a room, the Vestaboard is certainly it.

The Vestaboard mechanical display lets you update its message or configuration from anywhere as you can make use of the brand’s mobile apps on iOS and Android to take control of your Vestaboard whilst on the go, to subscribe to popular content or even pre-schedule messages that you want to display at a predetermined time. You can sync the Vestaboard display with all your favourite apps such as Twitter, Slack, Google Calendar and Envoy and this will add a whole new level of functionality to proceedings.

Capable of working alongside other smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home, you can ask these devices to “Show Calendar” for example and it will be displayed on your Vestaboard for a quick and easy overview of what lies ahead for that day. For those who really embrace smart technology and interior design, this cracking creation is certainly going to resonate with you and it is available for preordering now.

Inspirational Messages

The ability to be able to change the messages and display of your Vestaboard with the touch of a button from your smartphone really is an engaging feature and, better still, you don’t even need to be in the same property in order to alter the message, with all amendments facilitated through the device’s app. You can upload any message or quote that you’d like and the fact you can also create colourful displays adds to the interior design aesthetic as well.

Whilst not cheap, clocking in at around $3500 when officially hitting the shelves, the Vestaboard is available for CES preorders for $1850 now so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen with this top notch piece of design, move now and get yours for a remarkable price.

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