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We love a good accessories brand here at The Coolector so when we come across a great one, it’s definitely time to rejoice. American men’s accessories pedlars, Dango, certainly fall into that bracket and whatever piece of EDC you’re after for 2018, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill with this top notch brand.

Dango Accessories are all about quality craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and functionality and regardless of whether it’s a wallet, phone case or notebook you’re looking to add to your EDC line up, this is the brand for you. First rate materials and clever design abounds with all the products from Dango and these are the sort of products that are built to last.

Check out a few of our favourite pieces from the guys at Dango below:

Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

If you need a wallet that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle, the Dango T01 Tactical Wallet is surely it. This fantastic piece of EDC is handcrafted in the USA and has been purpose built for the lovers of the great outdoors to keep things ordered and needs to have tools readily accessible as and when they need them.

With a mind-boggling 14 features built in, the Dango MT02 Multi-Tool slides into the cavity where the cards sit to deliver functionality that is beyond compare. When in use, the multi-tool can sit securely into the safety locks which are built into the wallet body. Other super user tools are also in evidence with this superb wallet including hexes, a paracord cutter, nail pryer, a serrated/sharpened edge and even a phone stand for watching your favourite films and TV on the go. ($89)

Dango Covert X Case for iPhone X

Available in black, grey and olive, the Dango Covert X Case for iPhone X has been designed with a balance of robustness and nimbleness and it offers a rugged protection for your iPhone X whilst staying slimline and versatile. Each case includes a Cobra weave 95 paracord lanyard hand strap from Dango replete with metal clasp and ring which instantly makes the case infinitely more functional and stylish. The Covert X Case boasts dual lanyard loop holes on each end of the phone which lets the paracord lanyard to also function as a comfortable hand strap to keep a firm grip of your phone whilst out in the wild.

Dango P01 Notebook (3 Pack)

For the notetakers amongst you who are always looking for something to jot down their thoughts and ruminations, these Dango P01 Notebooks might just be your new best friend in 2018. Each one of these notebooks (they’re sold in packs of three) consists of 48 pages of writing possibilities with dotted grids if you want to mix things up a bit and throw some doodles into the mix. These cracking pieces of EDC fit snugly into the Dango wallet so you can keep it nestled safely in your pocket when not in use. ($10)

Dango MT02 Multi-Tool

The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool is something that any wilderness wanderer should have in their back pocket and it has index points that lock safely into the chassis so you’ll be impressed with its versatility. This lets the wallet and multi-tool to serve several functions with the first row of engagement revealing a serrated and sharpened edge which is sure to come in mighty handy out in the wild.

Engage to the second row and you can fit your fingers into the multi-tool and grip the wallet as a handle for more leverage. For those occasions when more space is required, the multi-tool can be engaged to the leading edge of the wallet frame. If you wanted to use the multi-tool’s other functions, all you need to do is simply flip it around. With an eye-opening 14 functions, you’ll instantly become a whole lot handier with one of these in your pocket. ($25)

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