Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps

If you’ve got a classy looking, high end camera then chances are you’re going to want to treat it to the finest accessories for when you’re out and about adventuring and capturing awesome shots. Well, so far as camera straps (and indeed camera bags) are concerned, Vi Vante are one of the best in the business and their luxury camera straps unquestionably add more than a touch of class to the overall aesthetic of your camera.

The Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps come in a number of different colours but all have the same tangible sense of quality to the touch courtesy of the first class materials used in their crafting. Vi Vante are based out of South Florida and they are inspired by the a of France, driving sports cars, and photographing beautiful landscapes. They wanted to bring that feeling with them everyday so we designed camera equipment the could keep those experience fresh in their minds in the shape of these brilliant looking camera straps and equally as excellent camera bags.

Strapping Design

You are immediately drawn to the visual superiority of the Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps which are crafted to perfection to deliver the ultimate in aesthetic impact and style. These cracking camera straps bring an exciting new design to the world of camera straps which deliver 360 degrees of beauty, combined with robustness, and first class security. These exemplary straps are intricately designed and this starts off with a leather strap that is drilled with laser precision, and braided over and through.

Each one of these Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps takes hours of hand crafting to create and though the price tag of $220 is a lofty one for this type of accessory, if you’ve got a love of photography then it will be money well spent. Great to look at and with the sort of durability and versatility to be suitable for any adventure, these elegant looking straps can support even the heaviest camera setups without stretching, and they are wide enough for comfort but slim enough for total functionality.

The quality of the materials used is the first thing that you’ll notice with these Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps. They use extremely supple leather which has been carefully selected for the task by the design team at Vi Vante. The leather is all top grain and continuous (not spliced) pieces which you’ll feel in the quality. The aroma and feel envelops the user with such abundant luxury that is entirely new in the world of camera straps and accessories.

Quality Throughout

It is hard not to be impressed with the considerable quality on offer with these Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps. They boast mounting rings which will attach to your precious camera and made from electroplated gun metal which matches the hardware used on the brand’s camera bags. After each strap is crafted and inspected it gets the V stamp on the inside edge of each end. The camera straps ship in a branded dust cover.

Built to last a lifetime, these Vi Vante Luxury Camera Straps measure 47 inch / 119cm which is the ideal length for users of all heights to use and take great photography. Thought the $220 price tag is undoubtedly a punchy one, you get what you pay for so far as quality is concerned and these majestic looking straps are unquestionably some of the best in the business.

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