Villa Kuro

We love minimalist architecture here at Coolector HQ and have a particular penchant for homes in the heart of nature. This leads us onto Villa Kuro from Mini Inno which is located in the breathtaking American National Park, Joshua Tree, and boasts a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic that we’re loving. Los Angeles studio Mini Inno added a Japanese-style tea room to an existing 1960s property and the end result is superb.

The beauty of Villa Kuro lies in its remote, wilderness location and the architect’s amazing eye for detail in the design. This exemplary piece of architecture is the handiwork of Mini Inno, a Los Angeles interior design and real estate firm, who transformed the ranch-style property that was built in 1966 in Southern California to deliver this stunning desert hideway Villa Kuro.

Japanese Inspired

There is a clear Japanese element to the design of Villa Kuro that adds significantly to its appeal in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. This sumptuous piece of design sees beauty in imperfection and uses wooden, ceramic and woven details to provide a time-worn and natural aesthetic both inside and out. The design concept for Villa Kuro takes its inspiration from nature and wabi-sabi, which is the Japanese philosophy about finding beauty in imperfection and embracing it.

Mini Inno added sliding glass doors to the garage of Villa Kuro in Joshua Tree National Park to deliver a light-filled tea room. Two nooks are built into the walls and boast breathtaking windows that frame nearby boulders. This visually impressive room is decorated with a low coffee table and woven floor cushions and it is often used for a spot of meditation such is the relaxing nature of the design.

Creating a serene and unique living space was one of the principle goals in making Villa Kuro; since it is intended to be a vacation home, the designerse wanted you to feel relaxed right when you walk in and that’s definitely something that they’ve achieved through their use of a muted, relaxing interior design aesthetic. Rounding out the home is a living room with a taupe leather chair, off-white sofa and wood console.

Ultimate in Relaxation

Joshua Tree National Park in America is one of the most peaceful places out there and this makes it the perfect place to place a property like Villa Kuro that has restful relaxation at its core. The designers have done a wonderful job in creating a space in which to relax by cultivating a superb minimalistic interior design aesthetic.

Villa Kuro sits atop a slight hill and has an arid 3.6-acre (1.4-hectare) landscape which has been chock full of cactus, shrubs, rocks of varying sizes and yucca palm trees that you would expect to see in Joshua Tree and that adds to the authentic feel of the villa which has the added oriental touch of a Japanese interior. If you like what you see, you’ll be pleased to hear it is available to book to stay in.

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