Vinta Type II Camera Bag and Travel Kit

Heading out into the wild is something that most people will enjoy and getting some awesome photos will ensure that you get memories that last a lifetime. Taking good photos needs a good camera, of course, and, in turn, this means you need a reliable carry for transporting it into the great outdoors and that’s where the superb looking Vintage Type II Camera Bag & Travel Kit, which is funding on Kickstarter now, comes into play.

The Vinta Type II Camera Bag & Travel Kit is, as the name suggests, the second offering from Vinta and this time round they’ve ramped up the features to deliver the ultimate in camera travelling accessories. This cracking carry is billed as being perfect for an adventurous lifestyle of trekking to and from the studio, the office and the mountains. It’s versatile and robust and won’t let you down whatever the situation.

Bigger & Better

One of the most noticeable upgrades with the second edition camera bag from Vinta is an increase in size and storage space and these larger dimensions let you chuck more adventure goods in your bag whilst still keeping a lightweight design, free from extra clutter and bulkiness. That extra inch and a half in size is extremely important as it allows those 15″ laptops to slide in easily if you fancy doing some photo editing on the go out in the wilderness.

The Vinta Type II Camera and Travel Bag is as classy as it gets and you’ll see its tangible quality immediately and the top notch materials used throughout its manufacture are responsible for its classiness. With a waterproof twill exterior to help protect it from the elements, this great looking accessory is chock full of features that will help make any eager photographer’s life easier when out on adventures. These include a side attachment strap, multi-use EDC pockets, a D-ring side attachment and dedicated laptop sleeve and zip.

Photography and adventure go hand in hand and this Vinta Type II Camera Bag & Travel Kit is the bridge that joins the two together. If you’ve long been on the hunt for the ideal accessory for porting your photography equipment and laptop around, you’ve just found it in the form of this first class Kickstarter campaign which, given its excellence, you won’t be surprised to hear has thoroughly surpassed its funding target already.

Effortless Style

Most purveyors of this sort of equipment would be satisfied with making their carry adequately functional for the transporting of camera equipment but the guys at Vinta have gone one step further and also delivered one of the coolest bags from an aesthetic point of view as well. With both your storage and style needs met, you can concentrate on capturing the best images from your trips out into the wild.

A highly versatile offering, this first class carry is right up our street here at The Coolector and for those photography enthusiasts amongst you itching to get your hands on one, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is still plenty of time to throw your support behind the campaign on Kickstarter and bag yours for a bargain price.

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