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Given the amount of coffee we’ve been writing about recently here at Coolector HQ, it’s probably about time we wrote about something that adds to ones enjoyment of this delicious beverage. Well, in this regard, say hello to the Viora Lid which, put simply, is a lid for a coffee cup that makes it like drinking from a ceramic mug and which helps to release the aroma of the coffee much better than the conventional cups you get in your local coffee house.

The Viora Lid was born from a love of tea and coffee and the creators are from Seattle, a veritable hotbed of coffee based awesomeness, so it perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve created a simple but effective device which enhances the taste and aroma of our daily fuel.

If you drink enough coffee to warrant purchasing your own lid (which we unequivocally do here at The Coolector) then this excellent looking offering from Viora will¬†definitely be right up your street. Improving taste, boosting aroma and preventing splash are all the raisin d’etre of the Viora Lid and can you can check out a few more shots below of this spiffing bit of kit below:




We love simple, innovative products at The Coolector and the Viora Lid definitely falls into this bracket. It’s obviously not going to revolutionise the world as we know it but if you love coffee as we do then it’s certainly going to add to the enjoyment of drinking one of our favourite beverages. The Viora Lid is available for pre-order and should be on the market within the next few months.

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