Vollebak 100 Year Vest

If you’re looking for an apparel brand that pushes the boundaries in terms of the materials they use to craft their wares, Vollebak, sit pretty close to the top of the list and they have proven it once again with their latest release, the 100 Year Vest. Just as innovative and striking as their previous offerings, the Vollebak 100 Year Vest looks like something that Bear Grylls would wear on one of his outdoor adventures because it really is versatility personified.

Billed as the ultimate utility vest, the incredible looking and supremely robust Vollebak 100 Year Vest doesn’t come cheap, as you’d probably expect, with a price tag of £395 but you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck so to speak. This amazing piece of outerwear is built to hold any of your outdoor adventure essentials and it’s so hard wearing and durable that it will last for the rest of your life.

Finest Materials 

Vollebak go above and beyond when choosing the materials for their apparel and the 100 Year Vest is certainly no exception. This cracking construct is made from a Swiss super-material which was first created for the elite military. This 100 Year Vest repels fire, wind, rain and father time himself. Flames can’t spread on the vest or even burn a hole through it, water rolls off it, wind doesn’t go through it, and almost nothing can tear it, yet it has the breathability and stretch to comfortably get you through any jungle, desert, city or airport on the planet.

There is more storage space and solutions than you can shake a stick at with the Vollebak 100 Year Vest (£395) and it boasts two giant zipped pockets which can be found running down the sides of the vest from your shoulders to your waist. In addition to these two main pockets, there is another nine pockets layered over and around them, and three heavy-duty military belt tapes designed for carabiners.

This incredible looking vest carries as much gear as you can in your backpack, which is unquestionably one of its stand out features. So whether you’re escaping the world or catching your next flight, the Vollebak 100 Year Vest is the only piece of apparel that you’ll ever need. The material used in its construction is crafted by sandwiching three layers together with the outer layer being a stretchy, windproof soft shell. The middle layer is a fireproof coating. And the bottom layer next to your skin is a soft, knitted fireproof fibre that feels like cotton.

Military Grade Performance

The Vollebak 100 Year Vest is quite unlike any piece of apparel you’re likely to have encountered and it has a military grade performance that really sets it apart from the competition. This stunning creation from Vollebak will, despite being insanely tough, stretch in every direction and there’s no move you can pull where it will restrict you. The whole vest is crafted from the same high-tech fabric with four way stretch. Regardless of whether you’re scaling a mountain, setting up camp, or descending into a volcano for fun, you’ll want this vest by your side.

Considering how ridiculously robust and functional the Vollebak 100 Year Vest is, £395 seems like a small price to pay, truth be told. Perfectly suited to the adventurous among you who love nothing more than heading into the wild with nothing more than their wits about them. This amazing piece of apparel from Vollebak is one of the toughest pieces of clothing on the market and it’s definitely turned our heads here at The Coolector.

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