Volvo Reality Road Part II

A road trip is made to last a good amount of time and not be a flash in the pan and that’s why Volvo’s Reality Road series is an ongoing affair and Part II of the series with the next three episodes is, as you’d expect, just as entertaining as its precursor.

With Volvo’s impressive trucks taking centre stage ago, the latest collection of videos from Volvo sees Mapei take to the road once again and this time tackles a mosh pit in Paris a so-called spin out in the Swiss Alps and it’s a visual treat for fans of engaging content. Check out the next three episodes in the series from Volvo’s Reality Road below:

If, like us, you’ve been left impressed with the great looking road trip across Europe in Volvo’s Reality Road and the great relationship between Swedish / American singer, Mapei, and the truckers of Europe you’ll be pleased to hear this isn’t the last we’ll see of this particular road trip.

Volvo make great brand awareness videos in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and their spiffing Reality Road series is no exception. For those who like to see Europe in a whole new light then checking out these fantastic episodes is a great place to start.

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