Volvo Reality Road

Road trips are something that hold a massive appeal to us here at Coolector HQ and there really are few things quite as rewarding as hitting the open road and seeing where it takes you. This is something that the chaps at Volvo are only too aware of and it is something they aim to celebrate with their great Reality Road series of videos which kickstarts with Swedish / American artist, Mapei, hitching a ride with some truckers on a nine day road trip across Europe.

Mainland europe isn’t an area that we’ve explored a great deal here at The Coolector and there’s no doubting its incredibly diverse nature and welcoming people which has been captured really rather well in this cracking collection of videos which really does show the fun and unexpected adventures that await when you take to the roads and few look quite as fun as Volvo’s Reality Road. Check out the videos chronicling this trip below:

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Reality Road


There is some magnificent camera work going on in these Volvo Reality Road videos and it’s a genuinely interesting undertaking from the much loved Swedish car manufacturers that exhibits the sort of fun and camaraderie that arises from time spent in the confines of a vehicle together. A great little project and one that we thoroughly enjoyed here at The Coolector.

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