Hovercraft Sportz Ball Poster

If we had every bit of artwork that we’d fallen for over the years our walls would be a mightily busy place but there are those occasions when we see bits of design that we absolutely love and have to report upon and that’s what’s happened with this great looking offering from Hovercraft Studio called the Sportz Ball Poster.

Hovercraft are a Portland based design studio who have created some supremely impressive pieces of design and artwork in their time and the Sportz Ball Poster is merely their latest offering to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. This spiffing piece of design is, as the name suggests, inspired by sport but also from the studio’s love of branding and this positively shines through in the finished design. Check out a couple more shots of the Hovercraft Studio Sportz Ball Poster below:



We have a love of illustration here at The Coolector and that goes a long way to explaining why we love this print so much and if you’ve a love of American style sports branding then you’ll going to be equally as impressed with the finished product from Hovercraft Studio.

Measuring 18’x24′ the print is certainly no shrinking violet and will be an imposing presence in anyone’s workspace. A highly stylish and eye-catching piece of artwork that will hit the spot this summer, we’re definitely hoping to see this hanging on our wall before too long.

Price: $25

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