VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

Coffee is an essential fuel for most of us and just because you’re heading on an outdoor adventure, doesn’t mean that you need to be deprived of your caffeine fix. Enter the excellent looking VSSL Java Coffee Grinder which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. Billed as the ultimate hand grinder which has been designed for caffeine-fuelled outdoor enthusiasts who are wanting to take an upgraded coffee experience everywhere their adventures take them.

The VSSL Java Coffee Grinder on Kickstarter is available for the great price of just £75 during the campaign which is a small price to pay for a wilderness caffeine fix. Imagine the ideal cup of coffee, straight out of your tent at dawn. Coffee is what delivers the energy so many of us need to fuel our most challenging outdoor pursuits and, with the VSSL Java, you’ll get exactly the right tasting coffee for your adventurous pursuits.

Built For Adventure

The objective of VSSL with the Java Coffee Grinder was to create an unbreakable, packable, premium coffee hand grinder which has been purpose built for outdoor use. They set out to enhance the importance of consistently ground beans and provide an unparalleled coffee drinking experience, from your camping ground to your tailgate (and everywhere in between).

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium, the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder (from £75) on Kickstarter is an incredibly robust and durable bit of kit that won’t let your down wherever your outdoor adventures take you. It boasts an innovative Clip-and-Flip carabiner to grind handle which is completely integrated into the end-cap which means you’ll never have to worry about your handle going AWOL.

Offering 30 unique grind settings, you can get your coffee exactly how you like it with the VSSL Java and achieve the ideal consistency of grind to match your chosen brewing method. Whether you prefer the pour-over method of more of a French press type, you’ll be able to craft the perfect consistency for the job with this top notch grinder from outdoor adventure specialists, VSSL.

Best in Class Components

You’ll be hard pressed to find a coffee grinder designed for the great outdoors more accomplished than this VSSL Java on Kickstarter. It boasts premium ball bearings and a threadless end-cap which join together to make sure that your grind stays uniform which delivers a smooth, balanced flavour to your coffee.

You can complete your grind in under a minute so it’s quick and easy to get your caffeine hit with the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder. After you’re done making your brew, the hand grip effortlessly stows inside the empty grind hatch which makes this simple to use and easy to clean. Love coffee? This is your next essential purchase – head on over to Kickstarter now.

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