Wacaco CuppaMoka

We probably can’t overstate just how instrumental coffee is to our day to day endeavours here at Coolector HQ so you’ll not be too surprised to hear that we’re regularly on the hunt for products that will help ramp up our caffeine contentment. Enter the Wacaco CuppaMoka which is the latest coffee accessory to have caught our eye. This great bit of kit helps you relax and brew your favourite coffee effortlessly on the go. What’s not to like?

The Wacaco CuppaMoka is the latest coffee-inspired release from one of our favourite brands here at The Coolector. This small but perfectly formed accessory is essentially a portable version of the relaxing traditional pour-over coffee brewing process and it is purpose-built to help you enjoy a flavoured cup of your preferred coffee wherever and whenever you want to. Win, win.

Effortless Brewing

Priced extremely enticingly at a mere £25, the CuppaMoka from Wacaco will deliver delicious coffee on the go without having to break the bank and that’s something we can definitely get behind. This pour over brewer has an easy drinking lid and it is an all-in-one coffee dripper and mug which means you’ll be able to get your hit of caffeine right away without having to decant it elsewhere.

The Wacaco CuppaMoka (£25) is undoubtedly one of the most versatile (and affordable) coffee pour over sets on the market and if you’re looking to enhance your caffeine credentials in 2021, this one is a no-brainer in our opinion. No bigger than a cup, Cuppamoka offers you an optimal set up to effortlessly brew fantastic pour-over coffees on the go, at the office or at home.

Delivering a well known traditional brewing process within an innovative portable format, to enjoy a simple yet vibrant brew results anywhere, it’s not difficult to understand why the CuppaMoka is already flying off Wacaco’s digital shelves and into the homes of coffee lovers the world over. Its superiority lies in its simplicity and you’ll be amazed at the results it is capable of producing.

Ideal Travel Companion

This innovative all-in-one solution from Wacaco boasts all the necessary accessories in a compact form to avoid taking up too much space in your travel bags when on the go and, courtesy of its diminutive design, you can bring it anywhere you want. Crafted from robust stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to preserve the temperature of your hot or cold beverage, the choice is yours as to whether it’s hot or cold brew you go for. While the leak-proof drinking lid allows quick and easy access to your favourite tipple.

Available for the wallet-friendly price of just £25, we’ll certainly be adding one of these CuppaMoka to our collection of coffee goods here at Coolector HQ. As soon as you grab the Cuppamoka in your hands, you directly notice the high quality built. It’s made from safe, robust and durable materials to let you brew and sip savoury coffee for years.

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