Wander Ware Enamel Drinking Vessels

Though it is craft beer that is forever on our mind whilst out in the wild here at Coolector HQ, there are classier individuals than us out there no doubt and for those sophisticated campers, there is this awesome looking series of Wander Ware Enamel Drinking Vessels from Fred & Friends.

The¬†Wander Ware Enamel Vessels are a much more stylish affair than you might be accustomed to with your enamel camping supplies and if you’re planning on having a cocktail or two or busting out the wine or shots whilst on a camping trip then you’ll definitely be impressed with what’s on offer here.

These brilliant looking receptacles are available in a number of different styles including shot cups, wine glasses and more conventional tumblers and their understated aesthetic and outdoors orientated design gets two thumbs up from us. Check out a few more shots below:









Finding the right accessories for camping only serves to make it that bit more enjoyable and if you’re intending to quaff beverages other than craft beers on your trips out into the wild, then this superb series of durable, stylish enamel drinking vessels from Fred & Friends will tick all of the right boxes.

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