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As you may be aware, we take our EDC and accessories pretty seriously here at Coolector HQ and we’re forever on the hunt for awesome new brands to sate our wallet and accessories appetite and we’ve found an absolute cracker in the shape of Wayfinder and their small but perfectly formed selection of everyday carry. If you like your front pocket carry well made, stylish and functional, you’ve come to the right place with Wayfinder.

Offering some truly excellent modern, minimal carry, Wayfinder operate out of Portland, Oregon, and they build accessories for those who live their lives in motion. They make products that help shape your future by helping you carry less. The brand was founded by Hrag Nassanian, a former NIKE designer with 20 years of design and design direction experience focused on bags and accessories – so their design heritage is a mighty impressive one.

Check out our favourite pieces from the Wayfinder line up of wares below:

Wayfinder FLUX Cardholder – $36

Today’s modern man doesn’t need the bulky wallet chock full of cards that are forebears typically carried around. We’ve streamlined considerably nowadays and most of us don’t have more than a handful of cards that we use on a daily basis and that’s why slimline offerings like this Wayfinder FLUX Cardholder ($36) are a must for any EDC line up. Coming in around 4mm thick, the FLUX cardholder is the contemporary, stylish and minimal makeover your pocket has been waiting for. It has a capacity of up to 8 cards or bills, which is more than enough for most men. 100% no sew, fully bonded / RF welded construction for a modern, sleek, and refined aesthetic that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. ($36)

Wayfinder DAYBREAKER Billfold Wallet – $67

If you are after a touch more space in the wallet department, this fantastic looking and still sleekly minimalist Wayfinder DAYBREAKER Billfold Wallet ($67) is definitely going to be ticking all of the right boxes. If you love to travel, this is a piece of EDC that will be right up your street. What do you do with your boarding pass when you travel internationally? The DAYBREAKER Billfold Wallet can hold multiple boarding passes, currency from around the world – not to mention a mighty impressive haul of up to 16 cards which, let’s face it, is more than most men will want or need in this day and age. Made from TPU coated polyester (which is vegan and PVC free), this billfold is robust and stealthy and will ramp up the style of any man’s contemporary EDC line up. ($67)

Wayfinder BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder – $78

Another one for the jetsetters out there, this excellent Wayfinder BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder ($78) is going to make your travels much more straightforward and streamlined. Designed to be a passport holder you can carry and use everyday, we’re loving this ace piece of slim EDC here at The Coolector. The BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder is the ideal companion for your passport when you travel internationally, and can be swapped out for a notebook for when you’re not on the go. It has a capacity of up to 6 cards and a passport or passport sized notebook so it will instantly become one of the most functional pieces in your everyday carry line up. ($78)

Wayfinder LET’S GO “Forest Bath” Notebook – $4.50

For those creatives amongst you that always keep a notebook close at hand and part of the EDC line up, this LET’S GO “Forest Bath” Notebook from Wayfinder ($4.50) will be the perfect addition from a streamlined pocket. It is 60 pages of pure pocketable potential. The LET’S GO “Forest Bath” Notebook is the ideal ally to the BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder. The “Forest Bath” is the first in the LET’S GO series of notebooks which contains in it’s inner covers descriptions of places around the world where one can experience a forest bath. It has dot-graph grid inner pages are suitable for writing or drawing and the inner pages are thick enough to write on with a fountain pen on both sides without bleeding and resist yellowing over time. ($4.50)

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