We Are Dorothy Football Map

Football is a big passion of ours here at Coolector HQ and whenever we come across something that celebrates this love of ours in a unique way, it’s difficult not to be impressed and that, sir, is why we’ve fallen for this rather magnificent Football Map by We Are Dorothy.

NFL fans can probably turn away now as the football in question is of the British variety and this Football Map from We Are Dorothy boasts references to the beautiful game re-imagined as roads, rivers, parks and landmarks to create a striking map like piece of art that any football fan will love.

The We Are Dorothy Football Map includes around 500 famous names, places and grounds associated with football so the likes of Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Lionel Messi and even Jimmy Hill get a mention in this visually appealing map and it’s a bit of a must for any ardent football fan. Check out a few more shots below:

Dorothy 0100 Football Map B Web

Dorothy 0100 Football Map Q Web

Dorothy 0100 Football Map R Web

Dorothy 0100 Football Map S Web

To be honest, even if you didn’t like football, there is still much to admire with this cracking print from We Are Dorothy and whilst it is clearly geared towards those with a love of the beautiful game, it would look great in any workspace truth be told.

Measuring 60cm x 80cm, its a good size and will unquestionably sit well in any football mad man’s workspace. It boasts so much football goodness and historic names and places that it is sure to take a few weeks to take it all in. A great print for the footy aficionado.

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