Weber Workshops EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder

Coffee is going to be particularly pivotal around Coolector HQ over the next few months and we’re definitely on the hunt for some aesthetically appeasing apparatus to sate our caffeine requirements. This led us squarely to the door of the Weber Workshops EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder which meets our needs for a stunning looking bit of kit but doesn’t quite tally with the bank balance courtesy of its rather wallet-draining price tag of $3,495.

The Weber Workshops EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder is ideally suited to both pour over and espresso style preparations and it is the Workshop’s flat burr grinder for the specialty coffee trade. As part of a larger ecosystem of products, the EG-1 has been purpose built to work with the brand’s Bean Cellars to streamline the single dosing workflow and make the ultimate cup of coffee time and time again.

Industrially Awesome Design

Boasting an integrated system which opens up new avenues for retailing single dose portioned coffee beans, and bridges the gap between the café and home user experience. The EG-1 ships standard with Weber Workshop’s CORE magnetically mounted burr set, which has been designed to be used for everything from pour-over to espresso coffee creations.

As the Weber Workshops EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder ($3495) is magnetically mounted, it does not have the screw holes which you’ll typically see on disc burr setups which can be a collection point for old coffee. Weber Workshops also offer the ULTRA burrs for pour-over, and the BASE burrs for a bimodal grind characteristic which is more akin to a conical burr machine.

Weber Workshops came to be from a common desire to craft products that are intelligently designed and meticulously crafted; daily instruments that make the daily process more straightforward and the quality better; tools artists use to drive the art forward. They set out to make the sort of wares that aren’t measured in fleeting annual revisions but in lasting human generations; machines that are as reliable and robust as the day they are made; family heirlooms cherished as they are handed down. This fantastic looking EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder is an example of that in action.

Set of Values

Weber Workshops have built their brand on a set of core values. The creative diversity and well-storied backgrounds of the founders and board members reflect these beliefs. They consist of artists, engineers, dreamers and madmen. Through this lens they can view things outside the box, often with a critical eye on how and what they can improve, or when they might need to start over and come up with something entirely new.

This magnificent looking EG-1 Electric Coffee Grinder from Weber Workshops definitely doesn’t come cheap at over $3k but if you’re a coffee fiend and have deep pockets, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. We’re loving the aesthetic here at Coolector HQ and though it’s more than we’d look to spend on a coffee machine, it doesn’t hurt to look.

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