YEMA In-House Calibre Superman Watches

Needless to say, one of the main elements that elevates a watchmaking into the upper echelons of luxury comes from producing their own in-house movements and that’s territory that French watchmakers are now venturing into with their latest version of their hugely popular Superman watch and it will be funding over on Kickstarter shortly.

Following on from the recent developments around the availability of Swiss watch movements along with the general enthusiasm for YEMA’s Caliber MBP1000 (more than 250,000 in-house movements sold since 2011), the French watch brand has reinforced its endeavours in innovation, research and development with as objective to secure its independence with the creation of two, new in-house movements – the YEMA 2000 (three hands) and the YEMA 3000 (GMT) – and these will be found in the Superman watches launching on Kickstarter in mid-October.

Innovative Design

There is a real attention to detail in this new in-house movement and it really helps to make this one of the most impressive timepieces we’ve seen on Kickstarter in some time. YEMA’s second-generation 3-hands in-house Caliber (YEMA2000) is an evolution of the MBP1000 Caliber. Various components have been enhanced in order to achieve fundamental gains in terms of precision and durability of the movement and that is reflected in the performance of the watch itself.

YEMA has also developed an in-house GMT caliber in order to meet the growing demand for this type of movement from watch aficionados. The new in-house Caliber YEMA3000 benefits from the improved YEMA2000 3-hands movement as a base with the addition of a GMT complication which has been developed from top to bottom by YEMA’s wonderfully skilled team of watchmakers.

The team at YEMA intends to put the new in-house calibers into production by early 2021. To finance the investments made during the research and prototyping phase and put into mass production the new in-house calibers, they are heading to Kickstarter and offering their fans the opportunity to get their hands on one of the first models to be equipped with the new in-house calibers at an unbeatable price that won’t be available again so make sure you don’t miss out when they hit Kickstarter on October 15th.

Sensational Value for Money

When these Superman watches from YEMA with their own in-house movements find their way onto Kickstarter, you can bag yourself an absolute bargain. Prices for the Steel/Bronze version start at just $545 which is 54% off the final retail price and for the Superman Bronze Edition GMT, you can get one on your wrist for $749 which is 58% off the final retail price. Definitely something not to be missed if you’re a watch lover.

If you’re serious about your watches and want to help support a high quality brand solidify their position in the industry through the creation of their own in-house movements, getting behind YEMA’s Kickstarter is a no-brainer in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Be sure not to miss out when they launch on 15th October.

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