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You’d think that with the frequency we write about surf apparel brands here at Coolector HQ that we were seasoned riders of waves but, truth be told, this couldn’t be further from the truth and most of our physical activities take place on terra firma. But another surfing brand by the name of Wellen has captured our attention once again with their fantastic array of apparel which will be a perfect choice for the summer months ahead.

Wellen were originally founded as a surfboard brand back in 2007 by Matthew Jung but it soon became clear that their skills weren’t limited to just producing surf boards and they began offer superb looking apparel as well. They’ve evolved into a premium beachwear brand and we love the simplistic and playful designs evident in their apparel and for any chap looking for some tees, board shorts and vests for their summer wardrobe, Wellen have got you covered from every angle. Feast your eyes on some aspirational shots of their awesome apparel below:




Summer is probably our favourite season here at Coolector HQ and with super cool brands like Wellen only serve to heighten our excitement about the next few months still further. Wellen bill themselves as a carefree, gentleman’s clothing brand and that makes them exactly our cup of tea at Coolector HQ and for those of you looking to add a splash of awesomeness to your summer apparel rotation, you needn’t look any further.

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