Mr Werewolf Artwork

After recently revisiting one of our favourite artists in Simon Stalenhag, we thought it was only fair to do the same for Mr Werewolf and his amazing new collection of artwork which, in a similar vein to Stalenhag, has both familiar and unusual focus points that make for jarring, satisfying artwork in our opinion.

The phenomenal detail that goes into the crafting of these pieces of art from Mr Werewolf is something which certainly needs shouting about and if you’ve got a soft spot for artwork that really makes you think, you’ll find plenty to enjoy with this talented artist’s latest collection of work. Check out a few of our favourites below:








The distinct aesthetic of this extraordinary artwork from Mr Werewolf really does set it apart from the crowd in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Striking imagery that expertly intermingles real-life scenarios with other worldly creatures to dramatic effect, it’s fair to say that the spectacular works of art from Mr Werewolf are certainly challenging Simon Stalenhag for our affections. Stunning stuff.

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