The Wes Anderson Collection

Wes Anderson is, in my all-important humble opinion, one of the best directors (and indeed writers) of his generation and I have thoroughly enjoyed every offering to have been steered by his quirky hand. From Bottle Rocket through to Moonrise Kingdom there hasn’t really been a moment in between where I haven’t been enthralled by the witty, unique and touching nature of these films and I will, invariably, try and get my hands on anything that has even the faintest of connections to the Wes Anderson body of work.

The lastest Wes Anderson related item to have caught my attention is this fantastic looking The Wes Anderson Collection book from Matt Zoller Seitz which offers plenty of unseen photos and a detailed look at Anderson’s life and career to date. And, safe to say, his life is as quirky as the films that he creates.The basis of the book is built upon an extensive interview which took place between Wes Anderson and established film critic Matt Zoller Seitz and it is a completely unique look at one of Hollywood’s most iconic and celebrated directors.


Available for pre-order at Amazon.

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