WESN Allman Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

Needless to say, every man’s everyday carry line up will have different priorities about what needs to be part of it but most will agree that a good quality pocket knife is an essential bit of kit to include. Well, if that sounds like something you agree with, you’re going to want to sit up and take notice of the WESN Allman Everyday Carry Pocket Knife which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak and has a mighty appealing price tag of just $99 during the crowdfunding campaign.


The WESN Allman Everyday Carry Pocket Knife is billed as the pocket knife that fits into your lifestyle and it offers an incredible level of functionality and versatility which will make it a mainstay of your EDC line up. It comes in both Titanium & G10 versions for everyday carry or hardcore working conditions and regardless of what task you’re using this pocket knife for, it definitely won’t be one to let you down.

Designed For Adventure

Boasting a 2.75” blade and a 3.5” handle, the WESN Allman is a compact, lightweight knife that fits perfectly right in your hand courtesy of its well thought out, ergonomic design. It is both functional and sleek, and the Allman is perfectly weighted and designed to be at your side wherever you go and ready to tackle any task that you can throw its way. WESN have long been asked by their customers to create a full-sized pocket knife (as opposed to the smaller ones they’re synonymous) and after months of prototyping, the Allman is what they came up with and it looks as though it was worth the wait.

The WESN Allman Everyday Carry Pocket Knife on Kickstarter (from $99) strives to combine unique, striking design with hard-working functionality. It has a manual-open with a flipper tab for ease of use and its 3.5” handle and 2.75” blade join together to create a compact knife that will sit comfortably in your hand. The perfectly-weighted, American-made SV35 steel blade opens beautifully with a ball-bearing pivot and this will instantly become the stand out piece of your EDC line up.

Available in both a G10 and titanium version, both these materials will pass the test of time, with each of them offering unique strengths: namely, the sleek durability and robustness of titanium, and the functional comfort of G10. Regardless of which version you choose, the Allman’s milled pocket clip makes sure that your knife will be by your side wherever you go while staying a sleek and unobtrusive part of your everyday carry collection.

First Class Design

It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the WESN Allman Everyday Carry Pocket Knife and the attention to the little details is second to none. Courtesy of the  frame lock (Titanium model)  and the liner lock (G10 model), you can use the Allman in any situation with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your blade is firmly locked into place. Whether you want to use this knife as your casual all-purpose EDC, or if you want to put it hard to work as your hunting knife, it won’t let you down either way.

With prices starting at just $99, this represents an excellent opportunity to get your hands on a highly accomplished pocket knife for a bargain price. In addition to the knife, WESN have joined forces with one of their favourite brands, Stock & Barrel, to offer the WESN Allman Leather sleeve as part of this Kickstarter campaign. Keeping it simple, yet practical, they have designed the sleeve to be multi functional and provide you with a variety of carry options, in your pocket, on your belt or at your side. After the ultimate piece of EDC in 2019, look no further.

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