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With so many watches to choose from in 2016, it’s going to take a lot to stand out from the crowd and there is a great little Kickstarter project that has recently come to our attention here at Coolector HQ from What? Watch called the Calendar Watch and it is definitely looking like it will be one of the most interesting and stylish watches of the next 12 months.

The Calendar Watch from What? Watch combines iconic watch design with your favourite digital calendar in an understated and painfully cool wristwatch that will sate all your aesthetic tastes. This cracking little accessory is all about making your watch a part of your time management on a day to day basis in a much more tangible way than just revealing the time.

This excellent looking timepiece has an always visible daily calendar that syncs with the most popular digital calendars, so you can see your day at a glance and not constantly having to check your other digital media like smartphones and tablets. Check out a few more shots below:












A great looking timepiece in its own right, the Calendar Watch from What? Watch has the added benefit of being genuinely useful in helping you manage your time more effectively on a day to day basis. If you’re the sort that finds it difficult to keep your time in check and want a stylish and functional watch to help you in this endeavour, this first rate Kickstarter project is crying out for your investment. There is still plenty of time to grab one for a bargain price over on the crowd funding site now.

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