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Everyday carry is something that is always at the forefront of our thinking here at Coolector HQ and we’re forever on the lookout for new bits and pieces to add to our collection. When they’re as awesome and well crafted as this Wingback Key Cache, which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak, then it’s a bit of a no-brainer. The Wingback Key Cache is a minimal, machined, solid metal stash for your vital details and emergency cash which has been designed in London and crafted in the UK.

The Wingback Key Cache is the ideal addition to any EDC line up and delivers a robust and versatile performance that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector. Serving as a hidden place for provisions, valuables, treasure and used by explorers or adventurers, a cache needs to be a mainstay of any man’s everyday carry collection. This excellent offering from Wingback costs just £24 during the Kickstarter campaign and that’s a small price to pay for such a functional piece of design.

EDC Essential

Great looking and well crafted, the Wingback Key Cache is understated and simple yet extremely functional. It neatly clips onto your keyring to enhance your daily carry while containing a secure compartment to store banknotes and contact details in case your keys go missing. Small but perfectly formed, this first class piece of EDC is CNC machined from a solid block of stainless steel or brass, and includes custom knurling to provide the ideal ergonomic and aesthetic finish.

The Wingback Key Cache on Kickstarter is hermetically sealed with a silicone washer to keep its contents dry and each one is designed and manufactured to aerospace standards in the UK, with all material having been sourced from Europe. It is perfect for storing an emergency banknote with a little space to spare for a message with your vital details in case of losing your wallet or emergency so all contemporary men will benefit from having this as part of their EDC line up.

Carefully designed to enhance and complement your everyday carry, while discreetly adding functionality, the Wingback Key Cache is already proving mighty popular on Kickstarter. Having emergency cash tucked away might just save your bacon when you leave home without your wallet. It could come in handy whilst travelling – a backup $100 note can get you out of a lot of tricky situations. Plus, including a little “if found” note inside will help track down your keys if they ever go missing (and the reward is already in there).

Material Matters

Made from the finest available materials, the Wingback Key Cache uses the best raw materials from around the world. The metals that are used in the Key Cache are all used for aerospace and marine applications and are sourced entirely from Europe. You can choose between stainless steel or brass (with other options becoming available with the stretch goals on Kickstarter) and the stainless steel used is robust and highly corrosion resistant, it is heavy enough to feel the quality behind it but will not weigh down your pocket. It will withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it without ever losing a shade of its original glory.

Proudly made in the UK with Wingback’s manufacturing partners workshop, using a length of bar stock is rotated at high speed, while a cutting tool removes material to create the cache geometry and screw threads. Wingback’s custom designed knurling tool is then used to apply the textured surface to the main body of the cache — providing both grip and visual distinction, whilst hiding the split between the two parts. A brilliant addition to any man’s EDC and available for a bargain price on Kickstarter now.

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