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It’s impossible not to notice the degree to which our privacy is invaded on a daily basis online and there are some companies out there seeking to make sure your data stays safe and secure whilst online. Winston is funding over on Indiegogo now and the fact it has flown past its funding target is evidence that there are a lot of people out there who take their online security seriously.

The Winston on Indiegogo is a response to the so-called “Surveillance Economy” where we our the product and our data is often traded without our knowledge. This excellent little bit of tech aims to put paid to this economy and will make sure your data remains intact whenever you login on a device at home whether this be a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Data such as where you live, where you go, what you buy, your medical history is all being monitored and sold without your knowledge or consent and Winston wants to make this practice a thing of the past.

Keep Your Data Secure

Every time you go online, you’ll be bombarded with ads and this has been harnessed from your data that will likely have been taken without your permission. Winston on Indiegogo can be yours for the bargain price of $209 during the campaign (down from the $249 RRP) and this understated product delivers true online privacy for a faster, cleaner, and safer browsing experience on all devices on your network.

There are an awful lot of features packed into this relatively small device that can sit in your workspace more or less unnoticed as it goes about its work. The Winston Privacy Device scrambles your internet activity so you will no longer get targeted advertising, has an AI based threat analysis built in and will protect all the devices on your network. It reduces data usage by up to 45% and has some 90,000 tracking and malware sites blocked in a further step to help keep your online data safe and secure.

Using Winston’s own private distributed network, this device will give you the true anonymity online that should be the case and scrambles web traffic with other users of the network. The device is designed to prevent non-consensual third party data collection, blocks ads and pop ups, intelligently filters cookies, will speed up your internet and will encrypt your data which prevents hackers and ISPs from intercepting your personal data.

Simple to Set Up

It couldn’t be simpler to get the Winston up and running. You just plug it in between your router and your modem and it will be protecting every internet connected device on your network within 60 seconds. It will completely randomise your data with other users to make sure you can’t be targeted any longer and it manages to do all this without logging any data so you don’t need to have concerns about your privacy any longer.

Available for the bargain price of $209 during the Indiegogo campaign, this excellent little bit of kit will definitely appeal to the security conscious amongst you and if you’re serious about keeping your personal data just that then you’ll want to add this to your line up of tech accessories at home. Head on over to Indiegogo now to get yours for the reduced price.

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