Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge

We’re not going to lie, we’ve got a pretty obsessive love of cats here at The Coolector and will always be on the lookout for awesome pieces of design to enrich the lives of the furry miscreants that rule the roost in these here parts and that leads us nicely onto this excellent looking Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. This fantastic looking series of products are modern scratchers you’ll love as much as your cat does because they don’t detract from the interior design as much as conventional offerings on the market.

The Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge are a pair of eye-catching products that have been carefully designed so as to offer a brilliant scratching outpost for your cat whilst also ensuring that their minimalistic, understated design doesn’t impact on any interior design aesthetic that you’re endeavouring to cultivate in your home. Your cat will love the shape of these products which are ideally suited to scratching and stretching and don’t be surprised to see them perched atop it at every available opportunity.

First Class Design

It goes without saying that most cat products on the market aren’t designed with making your home look good and merely as a functional solution to your cat’s needs. But why not have both? Well, with the Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge on Kickstarter you can have exactly that. The Wiski Cone is an aesthetically superior scratching post and napping spot for your cat that can be placed anywhere in the home without it impacting on the interior aesthetics and the Corr Lounge is a more contemporary take on the humble cardboard scratcher. It’s another top spot for your cat to scratch and snooze throughout the day – hopefully keeping your other furniture safe from their ire.

Cats love to scratch things and, chances are, your furniture is going to bear the brunt of this but with this superb looking Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge on Kickstarter, you’ll be able to divert their attention away from your sofas and chairs. The Wiski Cone is tall and sturdy in nature and will be an attractive addition to the home which is sure to pique the curiosity of your cats both in terms of enticing them to scratch and for them to sleep within or atop it. Available with detachable felt or sisal coverings (because we all know cats are fickle), this great scratching post includes a cleverly positioned sleeping nook for when your cat has tired themselves out with all that scratching.

The Corr Lounge on the other hand is a more conventional cardboard scratchboard but one that has been elevated aesthetically and reimagined to deliver a much more attractive product that you and your cat are both sure to appreciate. With clean lines, a simple design, and a pop of colour, The Corr Lounge is the ideal cardboard scratcher for any contemporary home and just because its made of cheap materials doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.

Catisfaction Guaranteed

We all want to make our cats as happy and engaged as possible and these top notch products from Wiski are sure to do exactly that with their innovative design and performance. For any one who has owned a cat for a while now, you’ll only be too aware that you can probably count the number of attractive looking cat products on the market on one hand but the Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge aim to address this problem head on with two eye-catching and stylish products that homeowners and cats alike will love.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, there is still plenty of time to head on over to Kickstarter and pick yours up for a bargain price. Cats spend a vast proportion of their days either scratching stuff or sleeping and with the Wiski Cone & Corr Lounge, they will be able to do both until their heart’s content. Your sofas will thank you.

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