Wolf & Grizzly Grill

Camping and outdoor cooking go hand in hand but delicious results at the end of it aren’t always forthcoming unless you’ve got the right equipment for your cookout. If, like us, you don’t want to be carting huge pieces of cooking apparatus around in order to achieve the desired levels of deliciousness, this super cool looking Wolf & Grizzly Grill will be right up your street and it is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The Wolf & Grizzly Grill is billed as being the perfect cooking choice for the woods, beach or park and, somewhat miraculously, this clever little construct can be collapsed down to the diameter of a water bottle whilst also delivering impeccable versatility with infinite height possibilities to choose from. It is robust, stainless steel grill that you can take with you everywhere you’re heading this summer and, better still, it can be set up in seconds.

Built to Last

Camping equipment invariably takes a bit of a battering so it needs to be made of tough stuff and that’s certainly applicable to this Wolf & Grizzly Grill. Strong enough for even the most uncompromising of treks or hikes into the wild, this robust, stainless steel offering what let you down when it’s time to slap on the burgers and hotdogs after a long day climbing, hiking or riding. A clever design makes it extremely portable and it won’t hold you back, whatever adventures you’ve got planned for these summer months.

The Wolf & Grizzly Grill has an extremely straightforward assembly process which consists of just two parts – namely, a frame that you spread open, and a cooking surface that you unroll and secure into place – which means that when hunger strikes you, you won’t be spending ages trying to get your cooking apparatus up and running. As no two campfires are the same, height wise, the Wolf & Grizzly Grill has an adjustable height setting which means that no matter how high you’ve piled those logs, you’ll be able to get this grill over the top and cooking up a storm in no time.

Crafted from 100% stainless steel, the Wolf & Grizzly Grill has a 304 SS frame, rods and stability rod, alongside the technical stainless steel aircraft cable, which delivers an incredibly robust and corrosion-resistant cooking solution that won’t have you fretting about whether or not your portable grill can withstand the adventures that you’ve got planned for it. Spoiler alert: It will.

Dapper Design

Boasting a timeless and elegant design, the Wolf & Grizzly Grill, which has already got off to an expectantly impressive start over on Kickstarter, uses materials that will develop a striking patina over time so, the more you use the grill, the better it will get from an aesthetic point of view. A real definition of win, win.

For those of you that love to indulge in a spot of outdoor cooking and have been on the hunt for a functional grilling solution for all your endeavours this summer, the Wolf & Grizzly Grill over on Kickstarter would get our vote here at Coolector HQ. Durable, well-crafted and made from the finest materials – it definitely won’t let you or your burgers down.

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