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When it comes to finding formal footwear, we’re often at a loss as to where to begin here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’re always grateful to come across brands like Wolf & Shepherd who certainly make the decision process that bit easier. For those of you after some classy men’s footwear that doesn’t just look great but also delivers out of this world comfort and performance, Wolf & Shepherd are unquestionably the name you should turn to.

Wolf & Shepherd Footwear are the brainchild of Justin Schneider, who is the founder and originator of the innovative concept that is the catalyst for the brand’s footwear. As a track and field athlete for Notre Dame, he became au fait with high performance footwear and following his graduation, began working for Adidas, designing shoes for athletes utilising the latest performance technology – and it was with these seeds that the mighty oak of Wolf & Shepherd was born.

Handcrafted Excellence

The classy nature of Wolf & Shepherd Footwear is immediately apparent upon first glance and the handcrafted and attention to detail that has gone into each pair really sets them apart from the competition in what is a highly competitive market place. Billed as a dress shoe like no other, this first class footwear delivers athletic comfort alongside an exceptionally high level of quality and craftsmanship. If you wear dress shoes day in, day out, you’re going to wonder where Wolf & Shepherd has been all your life.

Wolf & Shepherd Footwear comes in many different forms from lace ups, to slips ons to boots but what unites them all is their comfort and athletic performance that will make you forget that you’re wearing a dress shoe but the aesthetics are as dapper as can be. Tackling the problem of many men going to wear in their sneakers for comfort and then changing to a dress shoe when they get there, Wolf & Shepherd just deliver dress shoe style with sneaker comfort – problem solved.

With such quality on offer, it’s hard not to be impressed with Wolf & Shepherd Footwear and each pair are carefully hand-sewn by legacy craftsmen in Porto, Portugal and crafted from fine Italian calfskin for a tangible sense of quality before being finished with luxurious Parisian waxes. Then proceedings are finished off with Wolf & Shepherd’s running shoe technology which is manufactured and developed in the USA. For style, comfort and performance, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Technologically Superior

It is the research and design that has gone into the crafting of Wolf & Shepherd Footwear which is so impressive and the comfort it leads to is unparalleled. These cracking men’s dress shoes maintain a traditional Italian style silhouette through the use of the highest quality leather on the market and uses patent pending PhoenixTECH™ re-soling technology which means you can wear your Wolf & Shepherd footwear for a lifetime.

If you’ve long suffered the discomfort of wearing dress shoes to work everyday and have wished for the comfort of sneakers with the style of Italian style footwear, you’ll find exactly what you’re after with Wolf & Shepherd and their superb line up of lace up, slip ons and boots. This first class American purveyor of dress shoes is built on a solid foundation of eye-catching, elegant style and backed up with the use of exceptional technology to deliver out of this world comfort. What’s not to like?

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