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When it comes to grooming products, men certainly have a lot of choice but, in our mind at Coolector HQ, so far as your soap is concerned, there is only really one choice – that of Dr Squatch Soap Co. and their awesome line up of natural soaps that have not just first class branding but also an amazing aroma and performance that will help improve your skin and look great in any man’s bathroom or dopp bag.

Dr Squatch Soap Co. are the brainchild of California resident, Jack Haldrup, who was intent on striking off on his own and creating a company that put out a product he truly cared about and, with that, Dr Squatch Soap Co was born and the rest, as they say is history. The biggest stand out feature of Dr Squatch is their awesome subscription service that will make sure you’ll never run out of soap and you can get 25% off with the code COOLECTOR25.

Exceptional Quality

Soap might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to your grooming wares but it is unquestionably amongst the most commonly used and necessary and that’s why it’s a good idea to put a little thought into the brands that you choose. They simply don’t come any better than Dr Squatch Soap Co. who really are passionate about producing the best possible natural soaps that they can and strive to remove themselves from the chemical filled, mass produced offerings typically on the market and focus on natural ingredients that are much better for your skin.

Dr Squatch Soap Co. boast a mighty impressive line up of natural soaps to choose from – including their best seller, Pine Tar Soap – so regardless of the aromas that you favour when it comes to soaps, you’ll find one within their line up that more than fits the bill. Some of their other excellent offerings include Bay Rum, Cedar Citrus, Gold Moss and Nautical Sage soaps but they don’t just do soaps at Dr Squatch, you’ll also find a great array of other grooming goods like shampoos, conditioners and shaving kits to boot.

The handmade nature of the soaps from Dr Squatch really sets them apart from the competition in the grooming market and the glycerin is retained in the bar (unlike mass produced soaps where it is removed) and, in Dr Squatch Soaps, it combines with coconut, and olive oils to really nourish your skin for a noticeably better performance that you’re likely use to. Additionally, these soaps have no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives ensuring skin-safe products every time to give you that extra piece of mind.

USA Made Wares

All of the grooming goods from Dr Squatch Soap Co. are made in the USA and delivering a glorious lather and intoxicating scents that Ron Swanson would approve of we’re sure. Whether you’re buying one of soaps or signing up for their excellent subscription service, you’ll never need to change soaps again once you’ve discovered these first class offerings from one of new favourite brands here at Coolector HQ.

For any man looking to improve their skincare regime with some fantastic grooming goods that smell great and leave your skin feeling its best, these awesome offerings from Dr Squatch Soap Co. are definitely sitting at the top table as far as we’re concerned. Made in the right way, with brilliant branding and a great selection to choose from, once you’ve tried these soaps, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life.

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