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Grilling your food in your own backyard is one of the few simple pleasures in life and if it’s something that you do with anything approaching regularity then you’ll want to invest in a device that is tailor made for making delicious food in the best possible way. Enter Wood Pellet Products and their fantastic range of grills and cooking apparatus which have taken the US by storm and offer the ultimate in backyard cookout essentials.

Wood Pellet Products are the brainchild of Tyson Traeger, who is following in the family footsteps of producing impeccable quality grilling products that the people of America love and which ensure you can cook your favourite foods in the great outdoors. These American made grills are eye-catching in their design and boast the same exacting principles that have always been synonymous with Traeger cooking products so you know they won’t let you down whatever you’re looking to cook this fall BBQ season.

Grilling Season Is Upon Us

Fall really is perfect grilling season and the Timber Ovens and Timber Stoves from Wood Pellet Products are something that any BBQ loving individual needs in their back yard or on their next camping trip out into the wild. These first class pieces of cooking apparatus is wood fired cooking the way it should be and will deliver a cook quality like no other. The Timber Oven, for example, is based upon a decade of innovation in gravity fed technology and a family tradition of cooking for the masses. It is wood pellet fired cooking without the all too common pain of mechanical breakdowns. The robust, stainless steel construction and hand crafted design will make the Timber Oven the stand out feature of any backyard. It boasts a 1080″ steel cooking surface and max temperatures of 800°, making this outdoor cooking appliance the life of the party.

If it’s not an over per se that you’re after then you’re in luck with Wood Pellet Products because they also offer a superb selection of Timber Stoves – which offer twice the heat at half the cost when compared to propane accessories. With a smokeless performance and head to toe heat, it’s little wonder that these brilliant outdoor accessories are proving mighty popular amongst the American public. Wood pellets are used in these products because they are an extremely efficient Biomass fuel source that creates radiant dry heat and through the use of a Gravity Fed System the fire is continuously replenished for hours, with no power needed.

Whether you’re wanted to cook a pizza in a matter of minutes or supply a brilliant outdoor source of heat, the guys at Wood Pellet Products have got the perfect candidate for the job. All their products are American made and to exacting standards to ensure that they always offer nothing but the best in terms of performance. We love family orientated brands steeped in tradition here at Coolector HQ and that’s exactly what you get with Wood Pellet Products. With some of the finest looking ovens and stoves on the market, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better choice for your backyard than on their digital shelves.

Get Your Cook On

If you love the feel of cooking outdoors, you’ll be in your element with one of these exceptional Timber Ovens from Wood Pellet Products. You can bake a pizza in two minutes, sear a steak, or make bread in these top notch outdoor cooking accessories and the possibilities really are endless. The smokey campfire flavour is there in spades when cooking on one of these and whether you’re hosting a party or cooking dinner for the family, this robust oven can handle it all. It is purpose built to feed the masses, and the 1080″ cooking surface provides plenty of room to cater to all your guests.

We know that plenty of the readers here have more than a slight penchant for BBQs, wilderness lifestyle and outdoor cookouts so we’re in little doubt that you’ll be wanting one of the great looking products from Wood Pellet Products in your life sooner rather than later. With prices starting at $2995 for the Timber Oven and $599 for the Timber Stoves, you’ll be sure to find the perfect backyard companion for you.

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