Sternglas Zirkel Watches

When you find a watchmaker that so consistently produces first class timepieces than that of Sternglas, it stands to reason that you loiter on their site extensively and that’s exactly what we do here at Coolector HQ. During one such loitering session we were delighted to discover they’ve released another minimalistic masterpiece in the shape of the Sternglas Zirkel Watches and for those with a love of understated design, these superb timepieces will be right up your street.

The Sternglas Zirkel Watches are one of the German brand’s latest releases and, to our mind, one of their coolest looking to date with an abundant amount of striking design flourishes and first class materials chosen throughout. Reducing watchmaking down to its bare essentials, these fantastically stylish timepieces don’t have anything superfluous and instead focus on providing a majestic looking watch that will add a touch of dapperness to any wrist and with prices starting at a mere €349, what’s not to like?

Timeless Design

Available in a dozen or so different designs / colourways, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect Sternglas Zirkel Watch for you. The understated nature of their aesthetics is combined with first class craftsmanship and excellent materials to make a timepiece that has a mid-century style vibe and one that we’re huge fans of here at The Coolector. Whether you prefer the ever changing patina of a leather watch or prefer the more industrial feel of a metal strap, you’ll find the perfect candidate within the line up of Zirkel Watches from Sternglas.

With the Sternglas Zirkel Watches you are getting a timepiece of some considerable repute and it’s hard to believe that you can get one on your wrist for under €500 when you consider just how much quality they boast throughout. These wonderful looking timepieces maintains their aesthetic superiority through its compelling use of forms and shapes that immediately draw the eye but don’t distract from the fundamental function of a watch – namely, to tell the time. Boasting the sort of minimalistic aesthetic that today’s contemporary men gravitate towards, it’s easy to see why the Zirkel is proving so popular for Sternglas.

Some of the standout features of the Zirkel Watches from Sternglas include the 40mm dial which sits perfectly on the wrist is neither too big or too small – it’s just right in fact. This is joined with other excellent specifications which include the MIYOTA Caliber 821A movement for effortless accuracy, a 42 hour power reserve, a vibration frequency of 21,600, domed sapphire glass dial and a 5ATM water resistance which means you’ll be able to take this timepiece on plenty of adventures with you.

Watchmaking Wonder

It is the overriding ethos of Sternglas to deliver high quality but, crucially affordable timepieces because they are only too aware of how the watchmaking industry can become restrictive to many people. They have basically renounced unnecessary embellishments on their watches, but not quality, and have a real focus on crafting, minimalist, well made watches which are honest, stylistically versatile and to the point.

The new Zirkel collection of watches from Sternglas is a fine example of these endeavours and for any man seeking out the ultimate in understated timepieces this autumn, you’re definitely going to find something in this magnificent new range. The €349 price tag is a mighty pleasing one when you consider just how much you’re getting for your money and we’re definitely looking to get our hands on one of these exemplary timepieces here at Coolector HQ.

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