Wood Slices

We’ve got our favourite style of art here at Coolector HQ and madcap is invariably it and that’s why we’ve got more than a slight soft spot for these Wood Slices pieces of art by renowned street artist, Antonio Segura Donat AKA DULK which superbly represent the talented fellow’s creative skills.

Using acrylic paints on slices of wood, Donat has used this unusual canvas to showcase his favoured style of artwork and we’re massively impressed with his latest collection which he has made for an exhibition which entails various creatures. Hailing from Valencia in Spain, Donat has made some truly amazing pieces of street art in his time and this Wood Slices series just goes to show he is equally as capable on a smaller scale. Check out a couple more from this series below:



We’d definitely not say no to having artwork like this in our Coolector HQ workspace and we’re loving the crazy nature of Donat’s creations. For anyone who loves their artwork a little out of the ordinary but never short of stunning then there will be plenty of art lovers out there who are equally as enamoured with this sort of painting.

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