Awair Air Quality Monitor

Air quality isn’t something that we spend undue amounts of time fretting about at Coolector HQ but having awesome looking products is and that’s why it would be folly to ignore this fantastic looking Awair Air Quality Monitor which is billed as a device for helping you achieve optimal air quality for your home or office.

The Awair Air Quality Monitor monitors your indoor air quality in real time to give an eye-opening overview of the calibre of the air you are breathing on a daily basis and gives you the option to take steps to address it. This supremely stylish, minimalist looking piece of equipment is all the more impressive because it is a smart piece of technology that learns from your habits and lifestyle and provides recommendations to tailor it to your requirements. Take a look of a few more shots of this cracking bit of kit below:






The fact that this isn’t ostensibly an air quality monitor and could just as easily be a top end piece of music apparatus merely adds to appeal still further and is testament to just how well designed it is. If you’ve genuine concerns about the quality of the air you’re subjected to on a daily basis, the Awair Air Quality Monitor will make a welcome addition to your workspace and with it’s temperature, CO2, humidity and ambient light monitors, there aren’t many elements of your environment that it doesn’t have covered.

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