Woodies Performance Dress Shirts

Meeting form with function is something which most apparel brands will often overlook and favour one over the other but in the case of Woodies Performance Dress Shirts, you really do get the best of both worlds. Finding stylish, dapper shirts that you can wear on a daily basis that look great but, crucially, also fit to perfection isn’t easy but you might just have found a new wardrobe ally in the shape of these superb looking Performance Custom Dress Shirts from Woodies.

Woodies are a Manhattan based purveyor of exemplary apparel which is built to look great and perform even better. Nowhere is this more admirably illustrated than with their Performance Custom Dress Shirts which are billed as a new generation of shirting with a wrinkle free, two-way stretch, moisture wicking and odor repelling capabilities which will unquestionably make these your new best friend this spring and summer.

Guaranteed Perfect Fit

The beauty of the Woodies Performance Dress Shirts lies in the quality of their fit and calibre of materials used in their construction. This stylish and well made shirts are made from a new performance fabric will have you looking your best, moving freely, perhaps most importantly as we head into the hotter summer months, staying cool and fresh. There’s also some great performance custom chinos from Woodies which are the perfect accompaniment for these shirts for a laid back, smart-casual look that will be suitable for any occasion.

Infinitely cool and well made, these Performance Dress Shirts from Manhattan apparel brand, Woodies, are custom made to fit you and don’t adhere to conventional sizing practices which are often not suitable for most men. The two-way stretch materials used in their crafting delivers an unparalleled manoeuvrability to their performance that will appeal to men who like to look smart but keep active during the day. Woodies have joined forces with a world class mill and are using patented technology and finishes to deliver impeccable performance and robustness to these custom dress shirts without compromising on comfort.

Available in a number of different styles and colours including gingham varieties to go alongside their vibrant white and jet blue offerings, these Performance Dress Shirts from Woodies definitely tick all of our style boxes here at The Coolector. Not resting on their aesthetic laurels, however, this top notch shirts also ensure the sort of comfort and performance that today’s contemporary man will demand. With these highly customised shirts, you’ll be able to choose the sort of collar you want and whether or not you want chest pockets so it really be a shirt that is unique to your style and dimensions.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

When it comes to apparel, the quality of craftsmanship is of paramount importance and we’re pleased to report that these Performance Dress Shirts from Woodies positively excel in this department. Made from several patented textile technologies to help guarantee that your shirts look great and feel soft each and every time you pull it on. Woodies boast an impressive array of performance apparel for men but it is these superb dress shirts that have really caught our eye here at The Coolector. If you want the perfect marriage of style and performance, these are certainly for you.

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create the ultimate fit and comfort, these aren’t your average shirt and the quality they boast really is second to none. These Performance Dress Shirts from Woodies should become mainstays of your wardrobe if you’re after something that offers both immeasurable style and out of this world comfort. We’ll take ten!


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