Wooden sunglasses are nothing new, of course, but when they are made well and boast unique features, they really do stand out from the crowd and that’s definitely praise that can be levelled at the Edinburgh based purveyors of wood based awesomeness, Woodsies, who boast a stellar line up of wooden sunglasses and other accessories, most notably, wooden watches.

Woodsies are a small Scottish team of designers who wanted to create a raft of products that reflected the individuality of their wearers and sunglasses seemed like a great place to start so they set about designing and crafting some highly distinctive and decidedly stylish sunglasses to suit all tastes and personalities. The key selling point of Woodsies excellent looking sunglasses is the fact that no two pairs will be exactly the same and this level of uniqueness certainly appeals here at Coolector HQ. Check out some of their top notch wares below:

WoodsiesWoodenSunglassesA1 WoodsiesWoodenSunglassesA8 woodsiessss

All of Woodsies fantastic looking sunglasses are made from sustainably sourced woods and they aim to combine a classic, understated style with a contemporary twist and, as you can see from the eye-catching frames above, they pull this off with some not inconsiderable aplomb.

It’s not just the arena of sunglasses in which Woodsies excel, however, as they’ve recently added another string to their bow in the form of some top notch timepieces which follow the same style principles as their sunglasses and you can check out some of these exemplary watches below:

Watch_Side_On_1_copy 11

We’re all for fine pedlars of excellent wooden products here at Coolector HQ and these from the chaps at Woodsies are amongst the best we’ve seen in some time. As summer is now well and truly here (barring the occasional downpour around these here parts), we should all be keeping our eye out for some new sunglasses and if you’ve an affinity for brilliantly designed and constructed sunglasses, these from Woodsies will definitely be ticking all of the right boxes.

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