Fläpps Shelving System

Space is often of a premium in our homes and offices but, let’s face it, that doesn’t stop us accumulating junk and we’re going to need somewhere to store said junk and we think we’ve just come across the ideal solution in the form of this brilliant looking Fläpps Shelving System which looks to be the cluttered man’s solution to their junk storage issues.

The Fläpps Shelving System is the work of Ambivalenz and it is a modular shelving unit that is somewhat of a rule breaker and defies most conventional shelving requirements. You have freedom to configure your Fläpps Shelving System to your own requirements and, when not in use, it is barely visible and doesn’t take up much need space in your home or office workspace. We’re big fans of minimalism here at Coolector HQ and we think that this intuitive and ingenious piece of design would definitely make a welcome addition to our own detritus ridden workspace.

Each module of the Fläpps Shelving System is a standalone unit that can be combined with multiple others to create your own bespoke shelving solution that fits in well with your space and storage requirements. If you’re on the lookout for a highly functional, minimalist and striking set of shelves for your own space then this will fit the bill superbly well as the shots below admirably illustrate:




Ambivalenz is a Berlin based design company who concern themselves with crafting modern and flexible spaces and their aesthetically superior Fläpps Shelving System is testament to their capabilities. We’re big fans of the visual appeal and functionality of the piece here at The Coolector and if you’re aiming for a similarly minimalist feel in your own interior design endeavours then we’ve certainly no hesitation in recommending this fantastic construct.

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