WrenSilva M1 Mid Century Modern Media Console

For vinyl enthusiasts, having the perfect means of enjoying your favourite records is a must and if you value interior design just as highly, you’ll want to invest in this, frankly superb looking, M1 Mid Century Modern Media Console from the guys at WrenSilva. It boasts an extraordinarily cool aesthetic and delivers a compelling performance for playing all your favourites from your vinyl collection. It is the brand’s flagship product and it is billed as the ultimate reimagining of the record console we all remember from decades past.

The WrenSilva M1 Mid Century Modern Media Console might not come cheap, it has a price tag of $10,999, but it definitely delivers from a visual point of view and you won’t be left wanting on the performance front either. WrenSilva’s largest and most luxurious console, the M1 boasts hand-selected woods, massive, uncompromising sound performance and the design studio’s most premium audio performance features that have to be heard to be believed. 

Unbeatable Aesthetics & Performance

With six listening modes and an innovative and unique stow-away lid, the WrenSilva M1 Mid Century Modern Media Console can fit elegantly beneath a living room television or a beautiful work of art and enhance the look of a room rather than take anything away. In addition to the top of the range turntable it possesses, the M1 also boasts state-of-the-art SONOS® functionality, Bluetooth®, a 3.5mm mobile jack and additional RCA inputs for anything from an old school cassette deck to a digital cable box.

The WrenSilva M1 Mid Century Modern Media Console ($10,999) allows you to chose whether to listen to vinyl or streaming music and the M1 will be a breathtaking addition to your home that delivers unparalleled sound and that bit of ‘analog’ interaction with your music that you’ve been missing. This beautiful piece of furniture is available in all North American Walnut, or White and North American Walnut so you can choose the one that best fits in with your own interior design aesthetic.

Packed full of fantastic features, such as a vinyl record storage pocket on deck and more underneath, solid aluminium knobs and engraved faceplates, removable speaker frames with hidden magnetic fasteners and polished aluminium legs that adjust for levelling, the quality of this offering from WrenSilva. You can effortlessly alternate between vinyl and streaming music and you can pair your Wrensilva console with existing Sonos® speakers throughout your home for the ultimate listening experience.

Leo Davie