YEMA 1970 LED Watches

A watch is a very simple device and the majority of the time it does one thing well and one thing only. We at Coolector HQ like this honest simplicity, especially in a world of complication there’s nothing more satisfying. We also like a nod to the past, a resurrection of something old into something shiny and new, which is why the new 1970’s inspired YEMA is something to smile about. 

Breaking away from Swiss watch tradition, YEMA was founded back in the 1940s in France and launched its first LED display in the 1970s. They are one of the new legions of brands embracing the Kickstarter community, and their latest campaign received massive success being fully funded in less than two minutes with the second generation in-house Calibar selling out in under four hours. 

Old School Cool

In the 1970’s YEMA launched its first LED display watch and this reissue pays tribute to the historic quartz crisis period when bold designs equipped with non-mechanical movements totally revolutionised the industry. LED never really replaced a traditional mechanical watch, but it’s become much more than a novelty and we at Coolector HQ are strong believers that a diverse watch range with a standout LED is a must have, and that’s exactly what YEMA deliver. 

Let’s not forget that like any brand in the space heritage is important and YEMA is no different. It aligns to some of the more traditional watchmaking values that also help set it apart and started out making mechanical watches. YEMA is run by a third generation watchmakers‘ family and the average team member exceeds thirty years of service.

It was the first French watch to be sent into space, the first on a North Pole pedestrian trek and the official watch of France’s Air Force One pilots. That kind of history helps support the notion that this is something to be considered for those looking outside the box when it comes to your next timepiece purchase.

Form & Function

YEMA’s LED collection reissue is made of 2 models in Silver (US$ 249) and Gold (US$ 279) and benefits from the following features. 

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – Remains in standby mode to ensure low battery consumption with display only lights up when pushing the button on the side of the case. A second pressure will reveal the current date, and a third one the seconds. 

LIGHT-EMITTING DIODES – The LED display technology contributes to the retro-futurist design.

STYLISH CASE WITH A RETRO VIBE – The brushed / side polished stainless-steel case has been redesigned in 3D in keeping with the original 1970’s model.

SCREW-DOWN CASE BACK – The stainless-steel screw-down case back guarantees 330 feet water-resistance.

We’re loving the vintage vibes of this 1970 LED Watch from YEMA here at Coolector HQ and these glorious timepieces hark back to a simpler time of watchmaking and that’s definitely something worth celebrating in our opinion. Don’t miss out on this retro classic from French watchmakers, YEMA.

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