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Some sneakers are made for fashion, some built for an active lifestyle and, we think it’s fair to say, these glorious looking Henry Mid Sneakers from York Athletics are suitable for both given their immense aesthetic appeal and the first class materials used in their crafting.


York Athletics are a performance training footwear brand who are striving to set themselves apart in the health and fitness space by delivering products aimed at enhancing both physical and mental health. Convinced that a ‘fighting mindset’ is advantageous to living a more satisfying and healthy life. With a heavy focus on the sport of boxing with their selection of apparel and accessories, because there is a distinct amount of athleticism required to box which leads to an abundance of health benefits as a result.

Delivering Style & Substance

The Henry Mid Sneakers from York Athletics are best described as a top performing, lightweight cross trainer which have been crafting with the gym and outdoor cross training activity in mind. The Henry Mid Sneaker’s height is cut below the ankle for optimal comfort and stability and it’s definitely one of the most aesthetically superior pair of sneakers we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

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With materials that really set these sneakers apart, it’s easy to see why the Henry Mid from York Athletics are proving so popular. Boasting an internal two-way stretch lycra arch band that is perfect for delivering the medial & lateral support needed for a sneaker used in an active lifestyle.

In addition to this, the upper is crafted from extremely breathable and robust mesh for that added level of ventilation essential in today’s modern footwear. There are plenty of other features with the Henry Mid Sneakers put in there to help you stay cool as well and these include a new, highly advanced and innovative lining material that goes by the name of Dri Freeze™. This top of the range lining provides a “cooling sensation” to counterbalance the natural heating up of your feet when exercising.

First Rate Features

When you leave an active lifestyle (perhaps not something we know a lot about at Coolector HQ), you need your footwear to be able to keep up and such is the quality of the craftsmanship and superior materials used with these Henry Mid Sneakers from York Athletics, this won’t be a concern here.


Durable, stylish, versatile and just plain cool, this magnificent looking sneakers might well have been made with high intensity sports and training in mind but just looking at them leads us to believe that they will work just as well when being worn on a day to day basis for trips to the pub or heading out into the wild alike.

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