ZBiotics® Probiotic Drink

Given our proclivity for craft beer here at The Coolector, many is the time we’ve woken up far from tip top condition and, given this has been happening for decades now, we’d just about given up hope of finding a remedy that actually works. Well, we might just have done exactly that in the shape of this ZBiotics® Probiotic Drink that has been engineered by a team of PhD scientists who specialise in three things – namely, microbiology the next-day effects of alcohol and how microbiology can better prepare our bodies for the affects of alcohol. So, long story short, if anyone knows how to jettison that jaded feeling, it’s them.

If you love enjoying a tipple or three (yes) but hate the grogginess in the morning (also, yes) then you’ll want to invest in some of these ZBiotics® Probiotic Drinks for the next time you’re planning on knocking back a few. Billed as the world’s first product to break down a toxic byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde, you’ll be amazed with the results this probiotic can have. The formula? The world’s first genetically engineered probiotic, three years of scientific research, plus a dash of water and natural flavour. Everyone’s a winner.

Always Feel Your Best

A glass of wine with dinner, a craft beer or two enjoyed with friends, a refreshing cocktail after a long day, there are so many compelling reasons to enjoy a tipple. Many moments in life can involve drinking alcohol but with ZBiotics® you can do so in the knowledge it will be there to help you fully enjoy them while still functioning at your best the next day without the debilitating effects of a having a few drinks. Your liver is excellent at digesting acetaldehyde — the main villain in those rough mornings after drinking. But unfortunately, most acetaldehyde accumulates in the unprepared gut. So ZBiotics® have used biotechnology to build a solution: a bioengineered probiotic that produces the same type of enzyme as your liver. Simply put, it replicates your liver’s natural process where it matters most: in your gut.

Available in 3,6 and 12 packs, this ZBiotics® Probiotic Drink might just be a game changer for those who love to unwind with their favourite drink in the evening but still be fully operational the next day. The team at ZBiotics® aim to enhance people’s lives way beyond the day after drinking. Genetic engineering has been used for decades to make insulin for diabetics, and it can benefit other areas of life as well. They have started with alcohol, and now they are working on other challenges, like dairy, radiation, and lead-contaminated water.

As regular drinkers here at Coolector HQ, we’re be adding a healthy stockpile of this ZBiotics® Probiotic Drink to our line-up of next-day remedies and if you’ve long been seeking an effective solution yourself, this might just be the thing that you’ve been waiting for. For the best results, you should drink this probiotic before you start drinking alcohol and ensure that you stay hydrated and get a good night’s sleep as well. It won’t be an instant cure for those nights you drink to excess and crawl into bed at 4AM but to take the edge of sensible drinking, there will be few better means of ensuring you wake up feeling your best.

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