Zeltini Z-Triton House-Boat-Trike

Looking for your next adventure ally for summer trips out into the wild? Well, we’ve found an undeniably bonkers but brilliant solution in the shape of this Zeltini Z-Triton House-Boat-Trike which has been designed to accommodate two people wanting to have some fun on the water this summer. It might look a little crazy but it offers an incredibly level of versatility that will come in mighty handy in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Zeltini is a design and prototyping workshop that has a vision to better the world with its products and services and, truth be told, this ace looking Z-Triton-House-Boat Trike is one of their most impressive and eye-opening creations to date. Their main focus is on crafting amphibian mobile homes and vehicles for enjoying time on the water. Their designs range in scale and typology as they operate across the fields of product design, landscape architecture and urban design.

Perfect For Tackling Land & Water

Outdoor adventures will abound if you’ve got one of these spectacular looking Z-Triton-House-Boat-Trike from Zeltini in tow and we’ve been left mighty impressed with the design features which have been crammed into its small but perfectly formed frame. It is a diminutive amphibious home / camper which will allow you to travel effortlessly over land and water for any outdoor experiences you’ve got planned.

Perfectly suited for either expeditions around the world or for recreation activities closer to home such as a weekend getaway deep in the wilderness. Each one of these superbly designed and crafted Zeltini Z-Triton-House-Boat-Trikes is equipped with electric assistance so it is an easy and fun ride both on land and in the water.

It has a 250W x 2 electric motor hubs and electric outboard engine which delivers a powerful performance on water and we’re loving the quirky design of this vessel here at Coolector HQ. There are plenty of innovative features built into the design of this stunning steed and if you love the thought of trundling down the river or across the lake this summer, this is the ideal candidate for the job.

Unforgettable Experiences

Zeltini strive to make products that deliver unique experience and emotional responses whilst positively contributing to this planet and humanity. Mostly designed to be fun and exciting, Zeltini don’t forget functionality and purpose of things when coming up with designs like the Z-Triton House-Boat-Trike.

They prototype until both the right function and emotion is achieved and whilst this amazing looking contraption isn’t yet commercially available, they look like they’ll be offering it for sale sooner rather than later. If this looks like the sort of vessel you want in your outdoor adventure line up, make sure you keep an eye on the Zeltini site for when it comes up for sale.

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